Technological machines and the equipment


Head of Department

Volnenko Alexandr Anatolievich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor



Address: 160012. SKO Shymkent avenue Taukehana 5.
Phone: 8 (7252) 21-19-79
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General information

The department was founded in 1955 as a part of the Kazakh Chemical Technology Institute with the name "Machines and Apparatuses of Chemical Production", which became the only similar university scientific and pedagogical unit in Kazakhstan, which was tasked with training specialists in machines and apparatuses of the silicate industry. In 1961 the first graduates-mechanics joined the ranks of specialists at the enterprises of the building materials industry of the republic. Since that time the department has increased the output of specialists.

The department plays one of the key roles in the Republic in the training of highly qualified personnel for the chemical industry, food industry, construction materials and oil and gas sector enterprises.

The laboratories of our department are equipped with modern industrial, semi-industrial and laboratory equipment, controllers.

Teaching Staff

Experienced, qualified teachers work at the department, 4 doctors of technical sciences, 2 PhDs, 5 candidates of technical sciences, 2 masters actively participate in the teaching staff of the department, actively participating in the qualitative educational process of youth.

Scientific directions

At present, the faculty of the department conducts scientific research in the following areas:

  - Establishment of regularities of secondary foaming, resonance oscillations of the gas-liquid layer, and successive interaction of vortices in flowing discrete bodies located along and across the solid stream on the basis of which fundamentally new classes of heat and mass exchange, gas cleaning and dust collecting apparatus can be created;

  - Creation of scientific bases and methodology for calculating high-intensity processes and devices for chemical technology, oil and gas processing and food industry, realizing new phenomena and effects, physical methods of action and active hydrodynamic regimes;

  - development of new methods for diagnostics, calculation and mathematical modeling of complex nonstationary processes of chemical technology in multiphase environments;

- modeling and optimization of energy consumption, reducing pollution of industrial enterprises based on process integration using pinch analysis methods;

- development of technology for the production of concentrates for therapeutic and preventive food products;

- development of a technology for cleaning multicomponent gas media based on combined processes of chemical technology;

- Creation of methodological bases of the city's transport and ecology and the design of environmentally safe chemical technologies of non-waste complexes.

Our graduates

Many graduates became managers of large industrial corporations and statesmen, Zhylkishiyev B.А. deputy of the Senate, chairman of the Committee for Nature Management and Rural Development, Sultanov Zh.A. Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the South Kazakhstan Republic, Nakisbaev VI Head of the Department of the KNB of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the South-Kazakhstan region, Kerimbaev AM - Ch. Engineer, LF Kazfosfat LLP Novozhambul Phosphate Plant (NDFZ), Sarsenov Muratkali Bakhtygerevich - Director of the branch of Kazphosphate LLP Karatau GPO, Chulaktau GPP, Maksut Berestemov Berestemov - deputy director of the Dzhambul plant of mineral fertilizers, Mavidi L.KH. Director of JSC "NGSK Kazstroyservis" Torsky A.A. Director of LLP "Kazmontazh stroykonstruktsiya" a significant part of the graduates of the department devoted her life to scientific and pedagogical activity. This is an academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chomanov OE, Rayymberdiev TP Ph.D., professor Vice-president of the ICTU. HA. Yasavi on Science and International Relations, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Altybaev MA, Suleimenov MK, Sermanizov SS, Kuatbekov MK, Sharafiev A.Sh., Brener A. .. M., Bekibaev NS, Volnenko AA, Golubev VG, Altaev MA

Practical bases

Our students pass industrial practices in the leading petrochemical, construction and food enterprises of Kazakhstan, such as:

LLP PetroKazakhstan Oil Products; LLP KazFosfat NDFZ; LLP Corporation "Nur Oil", LLP "Standard Cement"; JSC "National Scientific and Technical Center for Industrial Safety"; LLP "Shymkent day"; LLP "Atyrau Oil Refinery"; LLP "Rezina-technical products", LLP "Kainar May"; JSC "PC Yuzhpolimetall"; JSC "Aktyubinsk plant of chrome compounds"; JSC "Asbesteconstruction"; JSC Intergas Central Asia; LLP "Ordabasy Industrial Zone"; JSC "Reactive phosphorus compounds"; LLP "Shymkent beer"; LLP Korona; LLP "Cement Plant Semey".

The international cooperation

The staff of the department actively participates in international conferences. The faculty of the department supports personal correspondence with scientists from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

Under the program "Academic mobility of students, undergraduates and doctoral students" the department cooperates with the Belarusian State Technological University, Minsk, Belarus, the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology St. Petersburg, Russia.

Within the framework of international cooperation, well-known scientists and specialists are invited from abroad to give lectures, to discuss joint projects and studies from leading Russian universities (St. , Belarus, Vilnius University, Lithuania, Manas Institute Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Sumy State University Ukraine, Sumy.

Teachers of the department "Technological Machines and Equipment" (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professors Volnenko AA and Korganbaev BN) were invited to lecture at the Belarusian State Technological University, Minsk, Belarus

Doctoral students, undergraduates of the department pass training and training in research laboratories of the leading technological universities of Germany, Russia.


Chemical, oil and gas refining, petrochemical and food industries are the backbone of dynamically developing sectors of Kazakhstan's economy, tax revenues from which provide a significant part of the state budget revenues.

At the present time, the department of "Technological Machines and Equipment" prepares specialists for bachelors of the national economy in the following areas of training:

- "Machines and devices of chemical production", "

- "Machines and equipment of oil and gas industry"

- "Machines and devices of food production."

The contingent of students of the specialty 5B072400 - "Technological machines and equipment" of the daily form of training is 421, including 380 on the basis of the state educational grant.

Graduates of the department work at the leading chemical, oil and gas refining, petrochemical and food industries such as: LLP Tengizchevroil; JSC Kazmunaigas; LLP "PetroKazakhstan Oil Products", LLP "AZSHS", JSC "PNHZ", LLP "Kazphosphate TF NDFZ", UMG "Yuzhny", Poltoratsky LPUMG JSC "Intergas Central Asia", JSC "Ontustik Munaigas", LLP "Altyn Dun" LLP "Kainarmay", LLP "Muldir tau bulaki", Macaroni factory "Corona", LLP "Shymkent Syt", LLP "Shymkentpivo".

Scope of graduates of our department:

1. Bachelors of the specialty "Machines and Apparatuses of Chemical Production" at chemical plants and combines, hydrolysis plants, sulfuric acid plants, regional technology parks, research institutes, installation organisations and in design organizations.

2. Bachelors of the specialty "Machines and equipment of the oil and gas industry" at oil refineries, at gas-oil fields. At oil refineries, filling stations, and fuel bases, etc.

3. Bachelors of the specialty "Machines and devices of food production" at flour mills, grain storage and processing enterprises and in other branches of the food industry.

Along with this, the chair "Technological Machines and Equipment" prepares undergraduates (2 years) and doctoral students on the scientific-pedagogical and profiling lines of the specialty "Technological Machines and Equipment".

At the present time a new situation has arisen in the field of training of personnel contributing to the development of our country, as an advanced, competitively capable on the basis of innovative approaches using advanced methods of transferring knowledge, which is currently occupied by the staff of the department "Technological Machines and Equipment ".

Achievement of the department

According to the results of the rating of educational programs for undergraduate programs among universities in Kazakhstan in 2018, the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NAOCO) specialty 5B072400 - Technological machines and equipment took 1st place.


According to the rating of the educational programs of the magistracy among the universities of Kazakhstan in 2018, the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NAOCC) specialty 6M072400 - Technological machines and equipment took the 1st place.


At the department "Technological Machines and Equipment" 4 projects are being implemented for grant financing of the CS MES RK: 

- AP05132508 “Development of the technology of flotation extraction of plastics of the styrene group from a mixture of crushed plastic wastes” Head: Dr.Sci.Tech., Professor A.Volnenko A.

- AP05132794 “Development of an energy-saving method of impact grinding in the field of centrifugal forces and the creation on its basis of installations for grinding bulk materials” supervisor: PhD Sarsenbekuly D.

-  AR05132925 "Development of polymer composite materials with a high level of thermal stability" Head: c.t.s Khusanov A.E.

- AR05135389 “Development of an experimental-industrial mini-plant for complex processing of dairy raw materials” Head: c.t.s  Ospanov B.O.

The total amount of contracts for the year 2019 33108000 tenge