Mechanic and engineer


Head of  Department

Myrzaliev Darkhan Saparbaevich

candidate of technical science, Associate Professor


Address: 160000, Shymkent, Tauke Khan, 5, Faculty of «Mechanics and oil &  gas business», Department of «Mechanic and Engineering».
Phone:  8(7252) 30-09-70

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General Information

The department "Mechanics" was established in 1954 year  in KazHTI (now - UKGU name of M.Auezov). He headed the Department S.U.Umbetalin - the leading expert in this field. Further development of department was sent to fundamental preparation of specialists on disciplines of mechanical profile and departments are organized: "Theoretical mechanics", "Theory of mechanisms and machines and detail of machines", "Resistance of materials", " Hydraulics", "Structural mechanics and theory of resiliency", "Technology of metals”.

Over the years, these departments led by well-known scientists: "Theoretical Mechanics" - Cai I.P., Buralhiev S.B., Dathaev H.M., Dasibekov A.D., Mutaliev N.M.; "Resistance of materials" - Kolesnikov V.A., Stalnov N.A., Lysenko N.I., Ainabekov A.I., Arapov B.R.; "Theory of mechanisms and machines and parts of machines" –. Shomaev A.S, Urkumbayev M.F., Altynbekov F.E., Kulanov A.B., Koldasov T.K., Bekzhanov L.M., Urkumbayev B.F., Abdrashev S.Z., Kadyrbekov A.D. .; "Metal Technology" - Rakov V.P., Omarov A.K., Idirissov A.I., Islamkulov K.M.; "Hydraulics" – Suguruv S.B., Shinibaev B.D., Bolgov A.P.; "Construction mechanics and the theory of elasticity" - Kadyrov M.K. and etc.

A great contribution to the development of the above-mentioned departments have: Soboleva S.B., Khakimov I.R., Kultursynov Z.K., Raimberdiev T.P., Sarypbekov M.S., Bekmuratov I.B., Akshabaev A., Sharafiev A .Sh., Shinibaev M.D., Ainabekov A.I., Karabekov Z.K., Saydenova F.A., Duisekeev V.O., Yakovlev S.G., Turdaliev T.I. and many others.
In 1999 at the Department "Theoretical Mechanics and Strength of Materials" and "Machine details and theory of mechanisms and machines" was organized by the department of "Applied Mechanics". In 1999-2005  head of the Department  was Prof. Dasibekov A.D., and 2005-2011. - Prof. Pecherskiy V.N. In 2011  the department was divided into producing department "Mechanical Engineering" and general education department "Mechanics", heads are respectively professor Pecherskiy V.N and assistant professor Abdrashev S.Z.

August 28, 2015year in connection with reorganization of structural units of the faculty "Mechanics and oil &   gas  business" at the Department of "Mechanics" and "Engineering" faculty "Mechanics and Engineering", head of the department became Myrzaliev Darkhan  Saparbaevich Ph.D., Associate Professor.

In 2006 year the department "Applied Mechanics" SKSU of M.Auezov prepared a package of documents for opening of a new specialty - "Engineering" and has received an application for a license №0008671 from 29.06.2006, the (order №573 from 29.06.2006.) for the preparation of bachelors with duration of 4 years. The first set on a specialty 5B071200 - "Mechanical Engineering" is produced only in the 2007-2008 account. year, and in 2011 was the first release of bachelors in this specialty.

Presently a department carries out preparation of bachelors on speciality 5В071200 - "Engineering", as well as the preparation of masters degrees on specialty 6M071200 - "Engineering" (on going since 2010 under license MES RK, series of AB №0137399 from 03.02.2010, appendix №0110378 from 30.06.2010). In the specialty “5В071200 - Mashinostroenie”, three educational trajectories have been developed and function: 1) “Technology of machine-building”; 2) "Foundry production and processing of metals"; 3) “Organization and planning of welding production”.

Objects of professional activity of graduates  are  engineering production and technological organizations, research institutes, experimental research laboratories, automotive and repair organizations involved in the preparation, processing of metals and alloys and the implementation of the various equipment and installation on production sites.

Also, the department trains specialists in the general disciplines of the mechanical profile for all specialities of technical direction. The department carries out fundamental, scientific, practical, scientifically-pedagogical and scientifically-methodical researches, provides information and consulting services to organizations and enterprises, develops and implements innovative technologies in the educational process.

The development strategy of the educational program (EP) of specialty 5B071200 Engineering compiled based on its compliance with the strategic plan of the university and is focused on preparation of bachelors in engineering related with knowledge-based resource efficient. Graduates of the program are prepared for production and technology, design, organization and management, research and development activities aimed at creating a competitive engineering products. It is based on the use of modern methods and design tools, mathematical, physical and computer modeling of technological processes, and improve the wear resistance of details of machine and apparatus.

For the achievement of aims of EP in the department are the following required resources:

- highly qualified faculty, presented 6 doctors, 9 PhD, master of science 2, 9 teachers without a scientific degree and a Master of Science degree;

- training base, including 10 classrooms, 4 lecture halls with 100 seats, a hall of electronic resources, one computer lab, 5 specialized laboratories and laboratory workshops with a total area of 1126,89  sq.m .

 -fond electronic textbooks used in the preparation of students on this educational program, the volume of 500 MB;

 -availability professional practice bases for training profile.

On an educational program 5B071200 Mechanical engineering training of students on internal and tuition by correspondence on the basis of the general secondary education, on the basis of an average special, on the basis of higher education with terms of training 2, 3, 4 years depending on form of education is provided.

The realization of an educational program is enabled in the state and Russian languages. Education in English language became possible from 2017. The general technology of training in the specialty – credit.

All disciplines of the curriculum according to SGSE RK of specialty are grouped in cycles of general education disciplines (GED), the basic disciplines (BD) and the profiling discipline (PD). In an educational program the following distribution of the credits between cycles is established: in total – 131 credits: GED – 33, a BD – 66, PD – 32.

The maintenance of an educational program for an obligatory component of the curriculum conforms to requirements of SGSE.

Teachers' staff

The number of teachers' staff of the department "Mechanics and Engineering", providing educational activities for technical specialties  and educational programs of bachelor undergraduate specialty 5B071200- "Engineering" and Master's degree 6M071200 - "Engineering" in 2020-2021 is 24 teachers, including: doctors, doctors PhD – 6, professors, PhDs, docents - 9 senior lecturers - 6, masters and teachers - 4.

Full strength on a manning table 100% makes.  Teachers, lead employments specialities correspond on this educational program, have a graduate degree of doctor and candidate of sciences, and also academic master's degree . On a department there is sufficient reserve from a number qualified teachers on the taught disciplines for providing student choice or replacement of teacher.

With the purpose of providing of training quality annually teachers' staff regular brush up young teachers from a number the graduating students of having a special purpose doctorate and masters.  The skilled policy of department is aimed at providing of issue of bachelors on speciality 5B071200-Engineer for machine-building industry of Kazakhstan.

Doctors and candidates of sciences of department write  reviews on candidate's and doctoral dissertations, came forward as official opponents at defence master's degree and candidate dissertation, are the members of dissertation councils of defence doctor and candidate dissertation, and also doctoral dissertations of РhD.

Professor, d.t.s., Aynabekov A.I. is the academician of national Engineering Academy of Republic Kazakhstan. He brought in a large contribution in training of highly skilled personals of scientists – mechanics, being more than 10-years at the head of dissertation scientific Council of defence of doctoral and candidate's dissertations.

Professor, d.t.s., Islamkulov K.M. the honoured worker of science  and technick of Republic Kazakhstan. Professor, d.t.s.,Dasibekov A.D. it is an academician of Kazakh National Academy of Natural sciences. He is the possessor of nomination the «Best teacher of Institute» of Republic Kazakhstan 2008 years. Teachers' staff  of department regularly participates on competitions, declared MES RK.

The main directions of scientific research work of department

The department engages research work in the following main areas:

1. Investigation of the influence of technological and operational conditions on the durability and strength of equipment and structures and the development of methods for increasing strength.

2. Research and development work on the development of technology and equipment using renewable energy sources."

3. Analysis and synthesis of planar and spatial mechanisms of high class.

4. Development of mathematical models of the nonlinear consolidation of elastic-creeping soil.

5. Research of processes of surface treatment to improve the quality and durability of the parts based on the processes of formation, surface hardening.

The results of research work of the department are published and tested at scientific-practical and international scientific- practical conferences of national importance, as well as at conferences in neighboring countries and beyond, in particular: Sheffield, Prague, Sofia, Kharkov, Donetsk, Almaty, Shymkent, and etc. Department has acts of implementing the results of research into production (11 acts - 2016/17 academic year, 12 acts at 2017/18 academic year and 16 acts at 2018/19 academic year) and the educational process (20 acts - 2016/17 academic year, 9 acts - 2017/18 academic yaer). Also there are 4 published patents at last 3 academic year.

Research Department has an innovative focus and is devoted to research in the field of engineering. Education of students is closely related to research conducted at the department on state budget and contractual topics. The department together with the enterprises of the region created the UNPK for joint training of personnel on the bases: "KARLSKRONA" LC / AB LLP, "Kardanval" LLP, "KAZMEDPRIBOR Holding" LLP, "Elektroapparat" LLP, "Shymkent Etalon" LLP, "Kazgeomash Holding" LLP, "KazTermoPlast" LLP, "Lenger Machine-Building Plant". On the basis of the UNPK, students are provided with a real opportunity to gain practical experience of professional activity.

On the department works a student scientific circle (CSС) "Machine engineer". For work at the department of the circle there is a workshop with various types of machine tools and welding machines, laboratory disciplines "Theory of mechanisms and machines", " Resistance of Materials", "Details of machines and bases of designing " and virtual laboratory. SRWS devoted to topical issues of technological process of machine production, device of machine-tools, increasing the strength and reliability of cutting tools, designing of machinery, , machine-building production plants. Subjects of implementation RWS are actual, sent to the decision of concrete productive tasks in machine-building

International cooperation   

The department of "Mechanic and engineer" have scientific connections with many universities and educational organizations of near and distant foreignness, including University of oil and gas, Moscow, Russian FEDERATION; Technical University Chelyabinsk; Technological University Saint Petersburg. For the more than 50-years-old history a department put right wide connections with the institutes of higher of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kirghizia and Uzbekistan. Academic mobility comes true within the framework of the programs of collaboration with leading foreign universities, realization of the international educational programs and projects, realization of joint research activity, organization of research and practice seminars and conferences, exchange by teaching shots and development of student mobility.

Within the framework of international cooperation invitation from abroad of the known scientists and specialists is carried out for reading of lectures and lead through of scientific seminars
So in 2013 conducted scientific seminars for bachelors and magistrants, doctor of  technical sciences, first professor of University Laurent  (France) Mishot  Zherar  Fransis, in 2014  is a doctor of technical sciences, professor of the Lyublinsk Technical University (Poland) Vuycik V.Ch., in 2015-2019 y.y. is a doctor of technical  sciences, professor of the Kharkov Technical University (Ukraine) Avramov K. V.

In the new terms of one of important tasks there is bringing in of foreign students for teaching on specialty «Engineer». A department jointly with Center of international cooperation of University    conducts certain work in this direction, understanding that it is prestige of University  of both department and geopolitika of the state.

Department Achievements

Specialty 5В071200 Engineering of our university in the ranking of specialties of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducted by the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA) is constantly in the top three: 2013 - III place, 2014, 2015 and 2018 - II place, and in 2016 and 2019 years, I took the first place in the direction of "Technical Sciences and Technologies." Also, the specialty 6M071200 Engineering for the last two years in a row (2018-2019) takes III place.

Our students take an active part in the Republican annual competitions of research works of students on natural, technical, social, humanitarian and economic sciences in universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan; in the competition in 2016 they took the following places:

1 – place- students of MMG-13-2r group Bulegenov A.A., Abildaev N.M., academic adviser: doctor of technical sciences, professor Pechersky V.N.

2 - place- the student of MMG-14-2rd group Turanov A., the academic adviser: doctor of technical sciences, professor Seytkazenova K.К.

2 – place - students of MMG-14-2rd group Zhoraev S.N and Kuralov A.U., academic adviser: candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Abzalova D.A; but in 2017:

2 - place – students of  MMG-14-2rd group : Zhoraev S.N and Kulyasov N.A., academic adviser: candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Abzalova D.A.

2 - place – students of MMG-14-2rd group: Isaev O. and Toichibaev A., academic adviser: doctor of technical sciences, professor Pechersky V.N.

3- place – students of MMG-14-2rd group: Kuralov A.U. and Kulbaev U.A., academic adviser: candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Myrzaliev D.S.

         At the beginning of 2017, within the framework of partnership with the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the South Kazakhstan Region and the project "Road Map for Dual Education", «KARLSKRONA LC AB» recruited 26 students of the machine-building specialty of SKSU named after M. Auezov. According to the results of the contest "The Best Student" students Abduraim Turanov (3rd  academic year), Mamyr Asylbek (4rd academic year), until the end of the education student’s will receive a scholarship from the machine-building plant "KARLSKRONA LC AB". Another student was received a laptop and a letter of gratitude by plant management.

Students of the group MMG-14-2rd Kulbaev U.A., Zhoraev SN, Kuralov A.U. Awarded the certificate of JSC Damu Foundation — passing a training seminar in the framework of the project Supporting Entrepreneurial Initiatives of Student Youth 2016 (JSC 2000052 dated 05.28.2016, JSC Damu Fund, SKR, No. 2000053 dated 05.28.2016.). Student of MMG-14-2rd group, N. Adilbekov, was awarded the certificate of Damu Fund, passing a training seminar under the project “Support for entrepreneurial initiatives of student youth in 2016.” (Damu Fund JSC, SKR, No. 2000106 dated November 26, 2016)

          9th Republican subject Olympiad in Kostanay was at April 2017, at the among students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan specializing in 5B071200 - Mechanical Engineering, the student of the MMG-14-2rd group Kulbaev Ulan was awarded a diploma of the III degree, and the team of the South Kazakhstan State University named after. M.Auezov received a letter of thanks to the rector of the university for active participation.

According to the results of three rounds of the Republican Subject Olympiad in 2019, specialty 5B071200 - Engineering, a student of the MMG-16-2k1 group Belgіbay Кydyralі Кabylbekuly was awarded the III degree diploma, and the team of SKSU named after M. Auezova received a letter of appreciation for her active participation from the rector of KazNAU.