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Baiysbay Omirbek Pernebayuly

Vice-dean of the faculty for educational

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candidate of tech.sciences, docent

Moldagaliev Arman Berdibekovich

Vice-dean of the faculty for scientific work

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Yeshankulov Amirkhan Aitkulovich

Vice-dean for Educational Work

and Social Affairs

candidate of tech.sciences, docent

►Personnel maintenance the learning process in a foreign language on the faculty of "Mechanics and oil and gas business" for 2016-2017 academic year

Faculty of mining and processing of oil and gas formed in the South Kazakhstan State University named after M. Auezov 2002. Since August 2006, at the South Kazakhstan State University faculty formed on Oil and Gas Institute. The Institute was 6 chairs. In 2009, the month of August based on the Technical Institute and the Institute of Oil and Gas was formed by the Faculty of Construction, engineering and transportation. March 19, 2011 in order to improve the quality of education and training for faculty, Construction, Engineering and Transport was divided into two departments of "Construction and Transportation" and "Mechanics and oil and gas business." The composition of the faculty of Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering "consists of 4 departments.
1. Department of "Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering ";
2. Department "Oil and Gas Business";

3  Department "Technological machinery and equipment";
4. Department Standardization and Certification”;


The mission of the faculty is - training for high-tech and knowledge-intensive industries in the engineering and oil and gas industry meet the demands of modern markets and international standards. Improve the training of highly qualified specialists, bachelors and masters in mechanical engineering and oil and gas majors that meet the requirements of consumers, through the introduction of modern educational technologies and continuous improvement of teaching methods of faculty members of the faculty. Ensuring the competitiveness of graduates in the global market of educational services and human resources market in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Provide increasing growth of research activities of faculty faculty to integrate education, research and production. Integrate into the world educational process through the establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation with leading European universities to conduct joint activities aimed at improving the quality of training in engineering and oil and gas industry. Expand its relations with the enterprises-employers to arrange work experience and subsequent employment. Exercise training, harmoniously combining the fundamental technical knowledge with high morals, spirituality, and patriotism.
At the 5 departments of the faculty are highly qualified specialists, among which 15 doctors and 39 candidates of science. Including the winner of State Prize in Science and Education of Kazakhstan, professor Nadirov KS, academician of Academy of inzherenoy RK, Ph.D. Professor Aynabekov AA, and winner of the prize by the Republic of Kazakhstan "Sharyktau" Ph.D., Associate Professor Zhantasov MK Scientists and graduate degrees are more than 62% of teachers.  
The faculty of mechanics and oil and gas business prepares specialists in 4 educational programs of a bachelor degree, 4 educational programs of magistracy and 1 educational program of doctoral studies Phd.
Student Life 
Every year the number of students of the Faculty of all forms of training. All of them provide the Fund with educational materials, computer labs and software, adequate classroom fund. At the disposal of students - sports halls, stadiums and swimming pools.
For advanced students of our faculty are open to the teaching of some disciplines of the curriculum in English. Classes are conducted by teachers who have good language base, trained in the special language courses, as well as the linguistic center of the university.
The School employs constant creative collectives of various kinds: dance ensembles, KVN (command "Baldyrgan" and "Case B" is strongest at the university and are gaining popularity in the region and the country).
Students of the faculty are members of the Debate Club Akikat. We also operate 3 scientific circles. A sports team is a multiple winner of the Faculty of many student Olympics.
Currently, the faculty is trained more than 1060 students.
It is no exaggeration to say that students of the Faculty of Mechanics and oil and gas business are the most friendly team at the university.  
Research work of students 
For a qualitative study of students at undergraduate and graduate programs at the Faculty operate specialized laboratories: Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering "," Technology Laboratory of machinery and equipment, and computer classes. Education "through science is an important factor in training. At the faculty develop and operate research centers, CHO, SKB, in the promising areas of mechanical engineering and oil and gas business.  
5B070800 - Oil and Gas Business
Qualifications: Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering.
Duration of study: - 4 years
The scope and content of professional activity: the sphere of activities of the graduates are research and development organizations concerned with storage and transportation of oil and gas drilling, mining and exploration equipment, its design, debugging, operation and maintenance, offshore oil and gas facilities; exploratory search , structural, parametric, operational and other wells that are drilled to perform certain specific tasks according to their purpose, managerial, advisory and expert work in their chosen specialty.
Place of employment: industrial and technological enterprise ¬ drilling oil and gas wells, mining, fishing andfactory preparation of oil, keeping oil and gas design institutes and organizations to design processes, technology and equipment for the production, preparation, transportation and storage of oil and gas.
5B071200 - " Mechanical engineering"
Qualifications: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering "


Duration of study: - 4 years
Scope of the graduate:
• Aerospace engineering;
• Transport (rail, road), mechanical engineering;
• Agricultural machinery and equipment;
• Oil and gas industry;
• Mining;
• chemical engineering;
• the energy industry;
• institutions of higher and secondary education;
• food and light industry:
• heavy machinery;
• the design of modern equipment based on computer modeling and management of the production of parts wider and special purpose.
5B072400, "Technological machinery and equipment" (by industry)

Duration of study: - 4 years
1. "Machinery and equipment environmental engineering and environmental protection"
2. "Machinery and Equipment Oil and Gas Industry"
3. "Machinery and Equipment for the Chemical Industry"
Apprenticeship: -4 years 
Qualifications: Bachelor of technological machines and equipment "
The scope and content of professional activities:
• leadership, managerial, advisory activities;
• operation, maintenance and repair of technical systems for wide purposes;
• design, construction and manufacturing devices and equipment environmental protection purposes;
• design, construction and manufacturing machines and equipment of chemical plants;
• operation, maintenance and repair of technical and technological systems, oil and gas and petrochemical industries;
• feasibility study, design and supervision of the implementation of hardware design and technical measures for processing, transporting and recycling of hydrocarbon.
Places of employment: production ¬ proof, all industries, including military-industrial complex, as well as engineering design and research organizations ¬ Organization of organization and management of electromechanical services production company.

5В073200- «Standardization and certification»

Duration of training: -4 years

Qualification: "Bachelor of Standardization and Certification"
The curriculum of the specialty includes a complex of scientific disciplines of social and humanitarian, natural-science, general professional and special profile. The educational process provides for the active participation of students in educational, research, experimental and experimental design work carried out by faculty and staff of the department
Place of employment: certification services for oil and gas, petrochemical industry; managerial, advisory, expert and teaching activities; bodies of inspection of enterprises.
The faculty has a master's and doctoral studies.
Students of our faculty have the opportunity to undergo training at the military department and receive a military rank.
For the specialties 5В070800, 5В071200, 5В072400 5В073200 the 4th tested object is physics (the profiling subject is mathematics and physics).

Help is available by phone: 
Dean of Faculty 
Ph.D., Associate Professor Narmanov Myrzabai Myrzalievich     87252-30-19-21
Head of "Oil and Gas Business" 
Associate Professor Sarsenbaev Khamit Akzhigitovich               87252 – 30-05-70
Head of the department "Mechanics Mechanical Engineering  " 
Ph.D., Associate Professor Myrzaliev Darkhan Saparbaevich         87252 – 30-09-70
Head. Chair "Technological machinery and equipment 
professor Volnenko Aleksandr Anatolievich                                   87252 - 21-19-79
Head. Department of Standardization and Certification
Ph.D., Associate Professor Tulekbaeva Aizhamal Konysbaevna. 87252 – 30-02-49