Standardization and Certification

Head of the department:

Tulekbaeva Aijamal Konisbaevna

Candidate of technical science, associate professor



Address: Shymkent, 160012, G. Ilyayeva -10, UKGU, building B, Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering faculty
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►Teachers' staff

The chair "Standardization and Certification" is organized and provides training in the specialty "Standardization, Metrology and Certification" in 1999. The chair was headed from 2003 to 2008 by, associate professor Bekibaev N.S., from 2008 to 2009 by, professor Zhekeev M.K., from 2010 to 2011, professor Sataev M.I. At this time the chair was part of the chair "Processes and devices." In May 2011 the leadership of the university decided on the allocation of the chair into an independent and September of 2011 the chair was headed by, associate professor Tulekbayeva A.K.
In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the division of specialty 5В073200- Standardization, certification and metrology, the department trains bachelors in two specialties - 5В073200 "Standardization and certification" and 5В075000 "Metrology", as well as preparation of bachelors on specialty 5B073200 - Standardization, certification and metrology (for senior courses), masters in the specialty 6M073200 - Standardization and certification, 6M075000 - Metrology.
The training of qualified specialists in the SMS educational program is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Laws of the RK "On Education", the University Charter, the State Educational Standard of Higher and Postgraduate Education, the educational programs of specialties of this direction, the curriculum, the disciplines programs approved by the UMO in specialties, the state recruitment plan, orders MES RK, rector and decisions of the University Academic Council (as well as other normative documents).
The structure of training of specialists corresponds to the requirements of the set of documents on the state educational standard of higher professional education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (GOSO RK).
The content of the training of specialists is assessed on the basis of the analysis of the conformity of educational programs to the requirements of the labor market. The main component of the quality of higher education is the quality of the SMS educational program, which is a set of normative documents that determine the goals, content and methods of implementing the process of education and upbringing. The program is developed on the basis of the state educational standard of higher professional education of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the specialty taking into account the approximate curriculum and model programs of the academic disciplines approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Teaching Staff.
The department is staffed with highly qualified personnel. In the department of 1 doctors of technical sciences: Bekibaev NS,  two employers: Egemberdiev OK - Head of the Department of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the South Kazakhstan Oblast, S.Beyseev. - Director of SCF RGP "Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Certification", 3 candidates of sciences, 2 PhDs, 7 masters and 1 specialist.
Student's science
In the UNFPA on the basis of the SCF RGP "Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Certification", the Department of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Republic of Karelia for the SKO, the Authority for the Conformity of Construction Products of El Standard LLP, the Business Management Compliance Authority of Business Turan Group LLP lecture, practical and laboratory classes in special disciplines. Every year, together with employers, curricula of students are formed with the introduction of disciplines necessary to obtain those skills and competencies that are in demand in the labor market. Since 2017, the students of the department have been studying the disciplines "Practical work of the technical executor on standardization in the field of technical regulation" at the end of which a certificate for the working specialty "standardization technician", "Product labeling", "Environmental marking", "Quality audit", "Innovative quality management "," Basics of industry certification "," Rules for the application of international and regional standards "
At the department, SNO "Techpromstandart" functions in which 80% of the students of the department are engaged. The structure of SNO "Techpromstandart" consists of 10 scientific directions, according to which students during the whole cycle of studies conduct scientific research on the basis of which, they develop term papers, they form the themes of the theses, reports at various scientific student conferences:
1. Integrated quality management system and industry-specific
2. Quality Management System in the food industry
3. Indicators of Quality and lack of technical facilities
4. Motivation, encouraging staff
5. Cost of providing QMS
6. Implementation and improvement of QMS
7. Problems of implementation of techniques to improve the quality in the enterprises of South Kazakhstan
8. QMS in higher education and international experience
9. Ecology and environmental protection in accordance with international standards
10. Kazakhstan and foreign accreditation system
The results of the work reported at student conferences, are used in the performance of course and diploma works
Research directions
The scientific work of the department is conducted on the following topics:
1. Code B-16-01-09 "Features of construction and evaluation of integrated quality management systems with risk management". Supervisors: Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Bekibaev NS, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Tulekbaeva AK
2. Code B-16-01-10 "Development of methodological aspects of the evaluation of the effectiveness of personnel management on the basis of international standards ISO Series 9000". Supervisors: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sabirkhanov DS, Ph.D., Associate Professor Tulekbaeva A.K.
International cooperation
The department maintains business relations with related departments: the Metrology and Interchangeability Department of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, the Department of Physical and Chemical Methods of Product Certification, BSTU, Minsk, the Moscow Institute of Expertise and Testing, the University of Food Technologies Plovdiv, Bulgaria and carries out joint scientific research on the following topics:
- Development of a methodology for the introduction of an international quality standard at Kazakh and Belarusian enterprises. Investors in People;
- Development of technology for creation of virtual work places for the verifiers of measuring instruments for training specialists-metrologists;
- Innovative technological solutions for the production of dairy products from goat milk with the creation of a regulatory framework for standardization and certification.
- Development of Measurement Techniques (MVI) for various food additives
Practice bases of the chair
- Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Certification of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- National center of examination and certification;
- National accreditation center of the RK
- Industrial and construction companies from various regions of the country. These include: LLP HILL CORPOROTION, JSC Shymkentmai, JSC Kentau Transformer Factory, JSC SKMF, RSE NPC Su-metrology, LLP KARLSKRONA LC AB, LLP Atyrau refinery, LLP Gazgeomash, LLP El standard, LLP Kazphosphate, LLP Kaynar May, LLP Lenger engineering factory, LLP Nur Oil, LLP Tour Ahmet K, LLP Hlopkoprom-Cellulose, etc.
Specialty code: 5В073200- «Standardization and certification» 
Documents required for admission:
- application for admission;
- Certificate of secondary education or diploma of primary or secondary vocational education (original);
- Photo in 3x4 format - 6 pieces;
-086-U medical certificate;
-063 vaccination card;
- photography;
- a document confirming the right to a discount;
- UNT certificate or complex testing;
- certificate of grant assignment (if any);
- a copy of the identity card;
- Certificate of registration (young people)
 Educational programs and specialties plan includes a range of scientific disciplines of social sciences and humanities, natural sciences, general professional and special profile, allowing the acquisition of competencies and skills of responsibilities for quality engineer for Standardization engineer, expert - auditor, engineer conformity assessment (certification) (a the combination of these positions) in the following types of professional in the field of standardization, certification and quality management: organization and management; production and processing; research and development; project. The educational process includes active participation of students in teaching and research, scientific, experimental and development work performed by the faculty and staff of the chair.
At the end of high school graduates of the specialty can work in all sectors of the economy in the field of standardization and certification:
- Oil and gas, oil refining, food businesses;
- Pharmaceutical, metallurgical, nuclear, chemical and agricultural companies;
- Public authorities and inspection services (state control and supervision, tax authorities, sanitary and epidemic control, fire control bodies), enterprises for the production of consumer goods and services;
- Customs for certification of imported goods;
- Preparation, execution and analysis of the documentation of certifiable products (certification bodies, accreditation bodies);
- The study of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the goods and services produced and performed in their respective industries and fields of activity (testing laboratories, certification bodies for products, processes, services, personnel, quality management systems).
 This is one of the few professions that has such a large variety of employment after graduation, as all activities require knowledge of the laws, standards and international requirements for quality management products and services.
Specialty code:
6М073200 «Standardization and Certification»
6М0775000 «Metrology»
The Basic Software is the Master's Program
• In profiled preparation
• Nauchno-pedagogical preparation
The entrants provide the following documents to the University:
1. Claim delivery to the administrator;
2. A candidate's application form;
3. Copy duplication of individuality;
4. Original and notarized copy of the diploma about formation. Those who have enrolled in an internship in the University have the right to introduce the documentary or nostrification paperwork in accordance with the education and oblasts that they have received in the Master's degree program.
5. Original and copy certificates for the program, listed in Appendix 1 (if there are such);
6. Notarial certified copy of personal register and booklet (for work with optimistic work);
7 photos of a 3x4 cm;
8.086-U medical certificate;
9. List of scientific and methodical works (in cases);
10. Check the receipt.