Open curatorial hour devoted to Nauryz holiday Nauryz - a holiday of spring and the renewal of nature. Nauryz is revered by our people and is the most long-awaited and joyful holiday. Today, this holiday is equally dear to all peoples living in multinational Kazakhstan. Nauryz Holiday harmoniously transformed into modern life, while maintaining the continuity of ancient traditions.

SKO Youth Resource Center Alibzhanova MS, Department expert on educational work and youth policy Beisenov S.D., dean of the faculty "Mechanics and oil and gas business" Zhapbarov SA, Head of the Department Tulekbayeva A .K., associate dean for educational work Eshankulov AA, teachers and students of the department.

March 16, 2016 at the Department of "Standardization and Certification" group MMG 14-6r open curatorial hour was spent dedicated to this wonderful holiday. Students and curator Makulbekova group GO congratulated teachers and guests on the occasion. Cultural event consisted of several parts: the grand opening of the musical numbers, the presentation time-honored traditions and customs. Open hour was very interesting, the students prepared slides, presented the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people, national games, national dishes, etc. There were also songs and kui performed by students, Kenes Ansagan, Zhamankaraeva Myra and Shaymahan Aliya performed "Kөktem" Kazakh national dance. Did not remain without engagement and guests of the event, they are actively solve puzzles and solve the crossword puzzle. By the end of the lesson I was prepared surprise - the guys have shown one of the famous Kazakh traditions "Tusa kesu" (Cutting the put) with the participation of the small guest - Alibek.
In the open curatorial hour was attended by Head of "Support of talented youth"