Higher mathematics and physics for technical specialties

Head of the chair

 Ashirbayev Kasymhan Atyrhanovich,

 Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor


Address: 160012, South Kazakhstan region, Shymkent, Tauke Khan avenue, 5

Telephones8(7252) 30-02-49

e-mail: wmat@mail.ru

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General information, history of the chair

The chair “HIGHER MATHEMATICS” was founded as a part of the Institute of Chemical Technology in 1958.

The first head of the chair was Kuznetsov M.S.

In 2005, the chair moved to the "Faculty Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering" separated from The Natural-Pedagogical faculty.

In September of 2015 the chair became the part of Textile and Food engineering higher school.

Since 2009 the chair is headed by candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Ashirbayev H.A.

        From august 2017 department renamed: “department high mathematics and physic for technical  specialties”.

From  august 2017 to present, the department supervises  Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor  Ashirbayev Kasymhan Atyrhanovich.

Lecturers of the chair teach 6 disciplines for students of all technical specialties. The chair of 5 associate professors, 5 senior lecturers and 2 masters, 50% of teachers have a degree: 7 candidates of sciences.

Our achievements

Associate professor Ashirbayev H.A. has a state certificate of registration of intellectual property "The computer models demonstrate the effect of Thomson and Peltier" (with Umurzakova J.B, Kabylbekov K.A.).

Associate professor Zhunisbekova D.A. awarded with a special diploma "Foliant" (Astana) for the contribution to the state program of technical and vocational education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Was opened auditorium named after the outstanding scientist, mathematician, a native of the Kazakh people of the 20th century, academician Mukhtarbay Otelbaev. Here are collected the works of the scientist, his achievements and discoveries in the field of mathematics.

In 2013 he was awarded with medal "The best teacher" for the contribution to education and training, by the decision of the public association «Qurmet-AB» South Kazakhstan region №01-0003 from August 1, 2013. For significant achievements in the education and upbringing of the younger generation is called the owner of the mark "Y.Altynsarin" according to the certificate №655 from December 10, 2014 the Ministry of Education and Science

Lecturers of the chair have implemented several themes of scientific research in the educational process and production. Scientific works of teachers are available not only in Kazakhstan but also in scientific journals of national and international conferences in countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan. The teaching staff, along with research work produces scientific and methodical literature.

Department of "Higher Mathematics" in the South Kazakhstan State University named after M. Auezov holds an annual student competition on mathematics among first-year students and the winners are awarded with diplomas at the university student conference in the section "Higher mathematics". 

Scientific directions

Themes of scientific research of the chair "Higher Mathematics" on the state budget:

1. «Limit theorems for sums of random variables»

International connections

Members of the department actively participate in international conferences.

Teaching staff in close contact with scientists from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, England, Poland, Bulgaria and other countries.

      Department of Physics (for TC) in the former the Kazakh Chemical-technological Institute, as an independent division, has been organized in 1958.

Main task and purpose of the Department of Physics was to create a educational and methodical and Science Centre and preparation of specialists of Chemical-technology, mechanical, machine-building, transport, oil and gas, the building profile, information-technology profile. Holding of research works to provide existing and newly established industrial companies highly qualified specialists in the field of modern physical methods of research and analysis in Kazakhstan including in South Kazakhstan.

During the period of the teachers of the department conducted training activities and lead scientific research work in the various fields of science physics.

The organizer of the Department of Physics and its first head was a candidate of m n. docent N.S.Mendahov.

Resent years pulpit teach:

Bespalova V.G. PhD th, Associate Professor (1967-1975 years)

Bakhtybaev A.N. doctor of m, prof. (1975-1985 years)

Seitbekov T.S. PhD th, Associate Professor (1985-1988 years)

Gryzunov V.I. Prof. Professor (1988-1992 years)

Kabylbekov K.A. k.h.n, prof. (1992-2001 years)

Turmanbekov T.A. doctor of m n, Associate Professor (2001-2002 years)

Sagyndikov A.S. PhD, MN, docent (2002-2006 years)

Musaev Zh.M.  k.h.n, Associate Professor (2006-2007 years)

Saidullaev N.S.  k.f.n docent  (2007-2017 years)

From  2006-2007 training years department named “department of physics for technological specialties”.

At this time, the department has 1 doctor of pedagogical sciences, 2 professors, 7 candidates and six associate professors, 5 Masters, and young teachers are educational, methodical work involved in research activities.

Now work at the Department next teachers:

Musaev J.M. h.ғ.k., Associate

Ponomarenko E.V. - K.h.n Professor

Spabekova R.S. k.h.n, Associate

Ortaeva K.A. - PhD, Associate

Abdiramanova K.S. - Ph.D., docent

Uralov B.K. - PhD, Associate

Ablyazimova N.M. - Ph.D., docent

Zhanabekova R.S. - Master, Senior Lecturer

Pazylova D.T. - MSc, Senior Lecturer

Alzahova A.K.- senior teacher

Arysbaeva A.S. – master, teacher

Orazaliyeva R.N. – master, teacher

During the existence of the Department of Physics issued more than 800 scientific, scientific-methodological articles, received more than 40 patents and certificates.

At the department systematically kept the state budget and contractual works with companies and research institutions in Kazakhstan and the former Soviet Union.

At the department are equipped with modern appliances educational laboratories, training laboratories (mechanics, molecular physics, electromagnetism, optics, atomic and nuclear physics).

Department operates on one computer class. In the computer lab students of first and second courses perform virtual laboratory works on mechanics, molecular physics, electromagnetism, optics, atomic physics, as well as students of these and other courses (as extramural students) solve virtual tasks and watch the virtual demonstration experiments in all areas of physics course.

Annually from among students of the University hold physics Olympiad. The leading teachers the department are invited to the Jury shall in their implementation. All the workers in the department programs and operational plans drawn up in accordance with the new state standard of training specialists. The department is constantly conducts module-rating system of training students.

On faculty read lectures, conduct practical and laboratory classes, candidates of science, professors, associate professors, maters and young teachers who have graduated from Kazakh State University, ASU, SKSU and HIGH SCHOOL in Saint Petersburg with honors.


The scientific work

At the Department of scientific work carried in the following areas:

Б-16-01-02 Study physical processes in solid-state systems, and scientific foundations of technology for the creation of new materials, alloys.

Б-16-01-03 Scientific-methodological and methodical basis for modernization of the means, forms and methods of teaching physics in accordance with the innovative industrial development of Kazakhstan.

The department has research links with them RGHTU D.I. Mendeleyev, MEPI, the Physical-Technical University by name Ioffe RSPU. A.I.Gerzena, Belarusian University of Technology, Moscow State University by name M.Lomonosov, Zhoshevsky Polytechnic University (Poland), RGUNiG by name IM Gubkin,  KazNU by name Al-Farabi, Kazakh National by name Abaya, and etc.

From august 2017 department renamed: “department high mathematics and physic for technical  specialties”.

From  august 2017 to present, the department supervises  Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor  Ashirbayev Kasymhan Atyrhanovich.